NAI Korea Representative Clients

엔에이아이코리아는 국내외 유수의 기업들에게 차별화되고 전문화된
부동산 관련 서비스를 제공하며 오랜기간 신뢰를 쌓아오고 있습니다.

NAI Client Testimonials

Terry White
Managing Director

NAI는 귀사의 자산이 될 것입니다.

From the moment NAI Korea worked with us on selecting the right location through the negotiations with landlords all the way to the fit out and Grand Opening, they were the consummate professional who combined deep knowledge of the market along with a style and charm that is all too rare in today’s hectic business environment.
NAI Korea was always extremely attentive to our needs as a client and as newcomers to Seoul, and went beyond the call on our behalf on many occasions. Their advice was always pertinent and timely, pointing us unfailingly in the right direction with the most effective outcomes.
I would not hesitate to recommend NAI Korea in any capacity, and look forward to working with then again in the very near future.
They will be an asset to your company in any role.

Wong Soon Hwa
Vice President, Asia

NAI는 끝까지 고객과 함께 합니다.

Getting the office fitted within 20 days with remote guidance from me in Singapore is no easy task. NAI helped us find a good contractor and through their diligent project management, everything went smoothly and the project was completed in good time.
I didn’t have to do anything much as I got timely updates of work in progress. It was as if I was in Seoul all the time.
NAI’s work did not end there. After successfully handing over the office to us, he continued to help us with little things that made our life a lot easier. He went beyond his call of duty at times to ensure we are perfectly happy with our office.
I have not come across anyone like NAI and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking to set up a new office in Seoul.

Willard Wells
Manager, Corporate Real Estate

NAI와는 단순한 고객과의 관계가 아니라 우리는 파트너이다.

When Alcoa determined it needed to extract substantial value from its owned real estate portfolio, we turned to NAI. … Through NAI’s corporate services approach, they have streamlined our access to markets and proven their ability to add value when managing the disposition of diverse and challenging properties. …
With NAI, we feel like we’re more than clients, we’re partners.

Doug Greenholz
Real Estate Manager

업무가 작거나 크거나, 단순하거나 복잡하거나 NAI는 최선을 다한다.

IKEA is very particular about the locations of our stores, and our assignments can be quite demanding. The NAI brokers with whom I have worked have been up to the task, acting more as partners than consultants. They bring all the necessary tools to the table, and more importantly, commitment: no job is too small or big, too simple or complex.

Cindy Poggiogalle
Real Estate Manager
The Pepsi Bottling Group

NAI의 강점은 그들이 가지고 있는 프로세스이다.

A key benefit to NAI is the process. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of the assignment and reporting processes, and NAI’s is flawless. I have also been impressed with the caliber of brokers working on our assignments and most of all, NAI’s Corporate Services Staff. It’s one thing to handle a real estate assignment, but it’s anotherthing to understand corporate America.